Head and Face

Eye protection is essential when performing tasks such as grinding, descaling, cutting, etc. Splinters in your eye are painful and can cause permanent damage; wearing safety spectacles can easily prevent this. North Safety Products offers a complete range of modern safety spectacles and goggles.

Head and Face Protection

North Safety hard hats and accessories provide comfortable and dependable head protection your employees will want to wear. Features include stylish, lightweight shell designs, suspension height adjustment and comfort padding. Our pin lock and ratchet adjustment suspensions all make use of the natural shape of the head to create a firm yet comfortable fit, providing workers with superior comfort all day long. Greater compliance and worker safety in head protection plays an active part of our on going commitment to quality, innovation and the enhancement of safety in the workplace.

EN Standards

EN 812 Industrial bump caps
EN 397 Specification for industrial safety helmets
EN 50365 Electrically insulated helmets for use on low voltage installations

Reading Product Code Descriptors

In reading the product codes, there is an order of sequence of each feature code, from left to right. See example below:

Features & Benefits

HDPE Shell HDPE high density polyethylene
ABS Shell ABS acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene
Temperature resistance -30°C up to max +50°C
Electrical properties Standard 440V
Sizing 52-64cm
Storage Temperature Minimum +5°C up to max +25°C

Suspensions - Type of Lining


Easy to adjust system of interlocking teeth for a firm hold. Simply squeeze the buckle tabs to loosen the band and slide to tighten.


Easy to adjust system of interlocking teeth for a firm hold. Simply squeeze the buckle tabs to loosen the band and slide to tighten.

Personalizing Hard Hats

High definition pad printing gives the hard hat a professional customise look. We use a highly resistant ink to print the logo on any part of the shell.

2 Years Service Life

This is purely a recommendation by the manufacturer as the lifespan of a helmet revolves around its maintenance, exposure to heat and UV rays, exposure to the elements and abusive conditions etc. If a helmet is stored correctly (away from sunlight and heat) suitably packed in bag or box in a clean environment where the temperature is controlled then the lifespan of the helmet should begin on its recorded 'Issue' date for use.

Ideally a helmet exposed to varying wear conditions should last for a period 1 – 2 years from date of issue to wearer. Regular visual inspections should be carried out to the helmet shell and headgear assembly by visually inspecting for cracks, tears, discoloration and embrittlement of the shell caused by frequent exposure to UV rays or damage brought about by harsh work conditions or abuse.

The headgear should be inspected in the same manner for wear, damaged or loose fitment and replaced if components are found to be faulty or suspect. This element provides absorption of shock/forces exerted on the shell. The harness assembly should be immediately replaced if there is any sign of degradation / weakening of the component parts or if the harness is not clean or contaminated. It is recommended to insert the 'Issue' date in a register or onto the helmet label inside the shell of the helmet if this is provided for. The lifespan of the helmet would then start from the issue date and can then be tracked and not confused with the date of manufacture.

Available Colours

White WHI
Yellow YEL
Arctic Blue BLU
Paris Blue PARIS
Green GRN
Grey GRY
Orange ORA
Black BLK
Brown BRN
Day-glow (glow in the dark) DAYGLOW
Hi-Viz Lime HVLIME
Hi-Viz Orange HVORA