On stock items we don’t have an minimum qty, but on specialized orders a minimum of 50 units needs to be ordered.

You will need to now:

  1. What type of fabric they require - Poly cotton, 2/1C - 4/1C.
  2. The style of the garment : Contisuit or boiler suit etc.
  3. What type of treatment the fabric should have: Flame retardent, Acid Resistant, or Flame and Acid.
  4. What colour the garment should be.
  5. The chest size of the garment.
  6. If the garment requires triple stitching.
  7. Any special additions like ruler pockets, logos and reflective tape.

Specialized orders have a 4 - 6 week lead time. Stock items have a 1-3 day delivery lead time.

The most popular are 4/1C D59, 2/1C J54, Poly cotton and Poly Viscose.

Yes, North do offer a variety of embroidery and screen printing options.

Eye Protection

Anti fog, Anti scratch, Anti static and Anti UV.

Yes, North can supply a range of accessories, including a Spectacle pouch, Anti scratch tube and Spectacle cords.


Burning feet can be caused by a number of things, including incorrect/inappropriate footwear. Every foot shape is different and needs support in different areas. It is essential that the footwear is selected correctly taking into consideration the 5 girths of the foot. All our Sales Representatives and shop assistants are equiped to assist you with this selection.

Although burning feet could be caused by the incorrect fit, there are also a number of medical conditions such as, Obesity, Nerve Damage, Alcoholism, Circulatory Disorders, Nerve Entrapments, Vitamin B Deficiency, Gout, Athlete's Foot, Neuroma, Diabetes and Smoking that can cause the same sensations. It is important to rule these out first and not just presume that it is the footwear.

Polyurethane shoes have a shelf life due to a process called hydrolysis. This is a chemical reaction that causes the bonds that hold the molecules together to break. Hydrolysis is accelerated by the exsistence of moisture, temperature, darkness and time. If a shoe is left in storage it becomes more suseptible to hydrolysis as the molecules are lying dormant usually in a dark place with variying temperatures and moisture. It is therefore important to alternate the pairs of shoes that you have been issued so that the molecules can remain active in order to improve the lifespan of the shoes.

The Shelf life of a shoe is dependant on how the shoe is stored, as well as the opetarting environment in which it is being worn. It is important to use the following tips to prolong the life of your shoes:

  • Rotate your stock frequently - *(First In First out)
  • Ensure that the shoes are stored in a cool, dry environment that is not too dark.
  • Shoes should be properly aerated after use.
  • Shoes should not be used in extremely wet conditions where Gumboots would be a better footwear selection
  • If two pairs of shoes are issued, rotate the use of both shoes allowing the one pair to properly aerate, but not allowing it to lie for to long that that the molecules become dormant and more suceptible to Hydrolysis.

No specification exists to define durability of a gumboot. However, the interests of the user are taken into account in the specifications that “Safety Footwear for Professional Use” has to comply with. This will ensure that if you purchase from a reputable manufacturer they will ensure that the best material and design are used to ensure durability.

Durability is directly influenced by the way you care for your gumboots. So please follow the correct care instructions carefully.

  • Clean the exterior of the gumboot with mild soap and water. Never use chemicals or solvents as these will extract the plasticisers and make the boot brittle, causing it to crack.
  • To remove soil build-up in the sole tread pattern use mild soap, water and a scrubbing brush.
  • The interior of the boot should be washed with mild detergent which will both clean and deodorise.
  • Place the boot where air circulation can assist drying, like outside in the fresh air. But never use heat to accelerate the drying process.
  • Make use of good quality cotton socks to absorb sweat. Ensure you wear a clean pair each day.

Hand Protection

Noth stocks a variety of gloves each offering different levels of protection against cuts, abrasion, puncture, temperature (heat and cold), liquids and chemicals. Please contact our trained sales staff to help you with your selection.

  • PVC - Light, Medium and heavy duty
  • Leather - Chrome, Pig, Goat skin
  • Nitrile - Nitrile and Nitrile Latex
  • Latex
  • Rubber - Normal and Heavy duty
  • Cotton - Light, medium and heavy duty
  • Normac - Loop pile gloves
  • Nomex - Nomex fibre
  • Butyl
  • Kevlar
  • Dyneema
  • and Chainmail

Heat resistant gloves are made of many layers in order to effectively prevent the heat from penetrating though to the wearers hand. They also have a bigger hand fit so that in the unlikely event that there is a build up of heat, the wearer can easily flick the gloves off.

Kevlar (Para-aramid) or Dyneema (HPPE) - with a fiberglass shell.

The North PVC range carries both the SABS and EN approvals. Most other speciality gloves in the range conform to the EN specification.

The Uses for our range can be found by clicking on the individual product picture in the product section of this website. You can also download the product specification sheet to gain more information.

This will depend on the application and care procedures followed. It is also dependent on if the correct glove has been selected for the application.

  • A - Abrasion Resistance
  • C - Blade Cut Resistance
  • T - Tear Resistance
  • P - Puncture Resistance
* For more information look under industry Info - Hand Wear, on this website.

* For more information look under industry Info - Hand Wear, on this website.

Head & Face Protection

Hard hats have a recommended lifespan of 2 years. This is however purely just a recommendation as it will depend on the maintenance of the hard hat, exposure to heat, UV rays and other elements. Regular inspections of the hard hat should be conducted to look for cracks, tears, discolouration and embrittlement. Also ensure that the head gear assembly is inspected as it is vital to the effectivness of the hard hat.

The date on the hard hat indicates the date that the hard hat was manufactured. If the hard hat is stored correctly (away from sunlight and heat, in a bag or box and in a clean temperature controlled environment) then the lifespan should begin from the date of issue and not the date of manufacture.

Hearing Protection

Noise Reduction Rating - this is an estimate of the reduction of noise at the ear when protectors are worn correctly.

Please have a look at the media section on our website for a video demonstrating how to correctly insert your hearing protection.

Height Safety

A single lanyard has one leg for attachment to the secure point where a double lanyard has two legs for attachement.

A shock absorbing lanyard has a woven webbing section that is attached between the harness and lanyard and the purpose of a shock absorber is to minimize the force of a fall.

A Harness needs to be inspected thoroughly before each use for any damage.

A Harness is there to protect the wearer in case of a fall. A safety belt, also known as a restraint or positioning belt is used to position an employee in a safe zone, removing the possible risk of a fall.

A maximum weight of 130kg is recommended.


Occupational Exposure Limit, This is the legal limit on the amount or concentration of a substance in the work environment to which employees/workers may be exposed to during a specified period of time. This is measured over an 8 hour period.

Your life will be in danger in an oxygen deficient area, which is an area where the level of oxygen is below 19%.

This will depend on the type of application as well as the working conditions that you are exposed to. The rule of thumb is to change your respirator or cartridge as soon as you can smell or taste the chemical/s that you are working with or if breathing becomes difficult.

Contamination is measured in PPM (Parts Per Million).

* Please refer to the respiratory section under Industry info on this website.

A disposable respirator is made to last for an 8 hour shift.

North has a complete range of disposable, semi disposable, half mask, full face mask and powered air respirators.

Value Added Services

North offers a range of end user training and site assesments to help provide you with a full head to toe PPE solution. Please contact your trained sales representative for more information.